Ambulance System Design


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No.Uraian Exterior Dan InteriorJumlah
1Lampu LED Flash Light Bar (AK-2090)1 Unit
2Sirine Multi Suara1 Unit
3Attendant Seat / Paramedic Seat1 Unit
4Base Stretcher With Space for scoop stretcher vinyl covering1 Unit
5Locking and unlocking key full stainless steel1 Unit
6Fire Extinguisher with bracket1 Unit
7Adjustable Lightning Spot Light1 Unit
8Adjustable Lightning for patient2 Unit
9Floor modification vinyl covering1 Set
10Logo & lettering Standard1 Set
11Kaca Film 60 % dan 80 %1 Set
12DC Outlet (3 Ports)1 Unit
13Medical Equipment Compartment System, finishing acrylic ± 2mm1 Unit
14Sliding Infuse stainless stell1 Set
15Bumper protection for strike stretcher, stainless steel plate1 Set
16Wastafel1 Unit
17Fixed Central Gas System Lengkap dengan Alarm (AK-2030)1 Set
18Automatic Ambulance Stretcher ( AK-202 )1 Unit
19Folding Scoop stretcher (AK-260)1 Unit

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